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Lets be real…. The magic of conversation is the cornerstone of facilitating powerful women to overcome fear + overwhelm to create lasting transformation.


I am Nikki O’Brien – a Podcast Coach/ Editor + Producer and I work with big-hearted, beautiful souls to connect more intimately with their audience… is this you?

I can help YOU create a podcast that does the heavy lifting for your business so you can speak your truth + shout to the masses – this is my JAM  + I would LOVE to support you in getting your truth HEARD!

You can book a FREE 30 minute consultation call with me email me, DM me – whatever way you want to connect – all my digital hang outs are;

Quintessential by Nikki Facebook page:


Quintessential Being by Nikki Instagram page:


If you’re sick of procrastinating and want to know the simple + easy way to get your podcast listed + LIVE… hit me UP.

Til next time – Big Love,

Nikki O x

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