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Podcast Editing

Are you ready to outsource?


I get it - running a business (alongside a household) takes time, energy + focus! You LOVE the recording, the fun of sharing your heart or interviewing a guest speaker BUT \the tedious task of editing + producing a podcast is just NOT where you want your precious energy flowing to… I can help.


If you’re passionate about sharing your heart-driven message but daunted by the tech mumbo-jumbo allow me to gift you the freedom of doing what you do best – CREATE. I am a self-confessed audio nerd – I can edit, build + upload your podcast episodes hassle-free so you can concentrate on your business, speak your truth + share your message. 

Beyond that I can offer you unique strategy to GROW + MONETISE your podcast so it works effectively as a marketing funnel for your business or personal brand!

Podcast Editing Package

$500 per month for a minimum of 3 months

- 1:1 VIP voice messenger vibes for podcast growth, mentorship & ongoing support. I'm your producer in your pocket! 

- Complete audio editing of podcast episodes using professional software to create the best audio quality for your podcast (subject to recording quality) 

- removal of ums, ahhs, clicks, awkward pauses, sneezes or coughing - audio mixing, levelling, and background noise reduction 

- removal or reductions of popping “P” sounds + whistling “S” sounds 

- Add royalty free music or podcast show intro/outro + sweepers 

- fully edited + produced podcast ep/meditation uploaded to media host 

- Professional and detailed show notes including links

- ID3 tagging (tags must be provided by you)

- Publishing to media host so episodes are simultaneously available for download on podcast platforms

- 60 sec Audiogram for social media promo

Editing + Content Package

$777 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Everything included in the Podcast Editing package (4 episodes per month)


Re-purposed content for each podcast episode:

- 1 IG story

- 1 written SM post

- 1 email

Monthly content for podcast episodes:

- 1 blog post (from most downloaded episode)

- 3 Pinterest graphics linked to blog post


$1750 per month for a minimum of 3 months

Everything included in the Podcast Editing Package ( 4 episodes per month)


Guest recording, engagement + setup

- Guest outreach via email

- Guest suggestions consistent with the objectives of your podcast objectives

- Liasing with the host + briefing the guests on tech requirements and booking the session

- Automated email nurture sequence for guest before and after care

- Providing podcast host with guest briefing report including guest bio, headshot, any email guest correspondence and podcast interview questions

- Daily Voxer access excluding weekends

- Access + setup of Airtable board OR G Suite so podcast hosts can see where we are with each guest, episode and stage at any time of the day or night

- Quarterly meeting to refine strategy, guest engagement and resonance and episode success

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Podcasts perform like no other medium can
Nikki O'Brien.jpg

Nikki made the podcasting process so easy + seamless + has been a wonderful source of support over my first season of podcasting!


She is amazing to have in your corner.

-Elle Crawford Marsden

Nikki is an absolute master of editing and really captures the essence.

I trust her every time because she has intuitive and creative genius like no other.

Want a podcast? Look no further than Nikki O'Brien!

-April Mack

Nikki O'Brien.jpg

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