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Turn Guests
Into Gold!

Further your reach + get your guests to share you with love


I have organically grown my podcast to nearly 10K downloads in just 52 episodes 

You popped onto the podcasting scene because you wanted to further your reach.

Growing your audience by podcasting sounded fun at the time but now you're having trouble getting your guests to share your podcast episode... babe I got you!

If you're a woman in podcasting you know that not all guests are created equal - so how do you get them to share your podcast with their audience

Every. Single. Time?!

It isn't a science but definitely a skill you want so that you get more of that 'sharing is caring' energy + less of that 'one-way street' wallop.


Interviewing is how I have grown my podcast Quintessential Being from zero to almost 10K downloads in just 52 episodes. No existing audience. No fancy paid ads.

In this masterclass I will show you how to turn your guests into gold, guiding you through my step by step process for sourcing + leveraging great guests that build your business AND your bottom line!

I've heard enough...

Want more details? Sure, here they are...

In this Masterclass via a private FB group, join my live training, teaching you everything I have learnt over the course of my media career... how to choose great guests, my method for getting them to share the podcast interview + guest aftercare that has IMPACT!

If you want to further your reach + get your guests to share you with love - let's go... 

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • the templates I use for guest aftercare​

  • how to choose the best guest interviewee

  • my step by step process to get them to share your podcast episode with their own audience

  • how to build a great relationship with your guest for further collabs in the future

  • the marketing materials to make guest sharing quick + easy


This is for you if…

  • You're a woman with an existing podcast wanting to make a bigger impact in the world + establish yourself firmly as a voice of authority in your industry

$111 AUD

Are you ready?



Once you’ve grabbed your spot, head on over and join the Facebook group


See you there!

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