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About me...

Who. TF. Am. I?!


First and foremost I’m a Solo Mama – this has changed my life in more ways than I can possibly express to you here. Creating a life from my own body has made me realise that I’m fucking magic and my capabilities are endless. It redefines the way I move through life - passionate about mental health, emotional intelligence, parenting and living with intention… consciously wide awake!! 

I was introduced to personal development + spirituality in my late 20’s – the kind that connected me to universal wisdom, crystals, angel warriors and spirit guides, a language previously unknown to me, cracked me wide open and I was drinking the fucking kool aid!!

Naively I thought just by being better connected my life would magnetically shift and things would be smooth sailing from here on out….. (insert hysterical laughter here)… No, my love, that is NOT the way it goes down. 

So. Here I am, a little more spiritually street savvy, proudly wearing my battle scars and completely stumbling through the grace of living.  

My podcast Quintessential Being started as a heart-driven passion project to share stories + journeys of self discovery, give actionable tools + shift perspectives. 

Nikki O'Brien

Quintessential Being Podcast


Do you want to love YOUR normal…. Whatever that looks or feels like?


Are you wondering how to expand the essence which is essentially you? These podcasts are a celebration of the journey.


Our guests aren’t just random hippies plucked off the streets of spirituality but genuine Quintessential Beings who have aligned their lives and vocations with their hearts.


Hear tools and sage wisdom that will resonate with those seeking self-acceptance. Learn from stories and experiences which have helped others to evolve their inner selves – shifting perspectives, patterns and behaviours to welcome home the soul. 

Nikki O'Brien

My story…


I’ve always loved conversations, from when I was a little girl I would love listening to my Mum and her friends talk about life. I learn through hearing stories of how other people DO life, I used to think this would help me learn quicker, not make so many mistakes and be a fuck up but life had other plans haha. I guess this element is what drew me to hospitality and radio – the interactions with strangers… the conversations. I loved working in radio however it felt very superficial and fake reporting on celebrity gossip and recycling the stories on the news so I quit. I love depth. I can’t handle surface chit chat, if you can’t be real with me then jog on. Fast forward five years and podcasts were born…. Voila! I can talk about what I want, with who I want. 


Quintessential Being helps women share their stories of inspiration. I created this podcast because I believe everyone has a unique approach to healing. Through conversations with women who have overcome personal challenges I hope to share the illuminating ways of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness so that we can receive collective wisdom and feel good showing up in the world as we are right now. 

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What lights you up? 

What are you excited about creating? 

How are you creating change in the world?

Connection & story-telling, I love deep conversations about what moves other people. One of my greatest joys in life is feeling/understanding other people’s passions… whether that be healing, beauty, nature, movement… the sights and sounds of the divine that can be grounded into our human existence, to touch and feel freedom and just BE.

I am creating change in the world by allowing these stories to be shared and heard so that we can all learn together  - my contribution to the journey of becoming ONE love. 



 I believe we all have a unique story to tell, a way of looking at the world and healing, of shifting perspective on the shitstorms that have cracked you open into expansion. If it worked for you, it will work for someone else… so share your knowledge, wisdom and power so we can set the world free!

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