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Podcast Priestess

There are a multitude of things you can outsource in business, and if you’re a soul-led business woman who has their shit together you are capitalising on that.


And also… your voice is your brand. No one can represent your brand like you can.

In podcasting, your audience can feel you through your voice vibrations, hear your tone + know your authenticity in their bones. It’s all energy baby!


Don’t believe me? Here’s the stats… nearly three out of every four podcast listeners tune in to learn new things, add to that a whopping 54% of listeners are much more likely to buy from that brand + you have an essential strategy for magnetising sales for your business.

Why is that?


Well if you think about the way podcasts are consumed, people listen whilst doing stuff, meaning you can go into their subconscious mind, quickly becoming the voice of authority in your listeners ear. As it’s also a strictly audio medium, you get to use the listeners imagination to create the world you’re describing to them, which is 1000x more potent that any picture you can put in front of them. 

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Podcast In Your Pocket

Want to start a podcast but don't want to sound like a beginner?


This one-on-one package means you'll be confidently guided through all the terrifying tech, work-flow and moving parts of making a podcast so you can create the content that speaks to the hearts and ears of your clients.


A high-quality, polished podcast that is congruent with your brand so you can create more clients and cash flow through inspiring conversations on a chart-topping podcast!

This done-for-you package includes:


- 1 x 45 min zoom strategy session to map out your first podcast season

- Professionally edited Podcast Show intro/outro with royalty free music

- Media host set-up

- 30 day voxer access

- First 15 episodes of your podcast - fully edited, produced + uploaded

- Professional and detailed show notes + SEO tags

- Complete audio editing of podcast episodes using professional software (subject to recording quality)

- removal of ums, ahhs, clicks, awkward pauses, sneezes or coughing

- audio mixing, levelling, and background noise reduction

- removal or reductions of popping “P” sounds + whistling “S” sounds

- Podcast cover image creation (with provided brand kit colours/fonts/images)

- 60 sec audiogram for promotion of each episode

$5,000 AUD

**as 4 x $1250 monthly payments**

Zero to Launch
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Voice is the cornerstone of healing,
change + transformation 
Podcast in your pocket
Hi, I'm Nikki O'Brien

I whole-heartedly believe the magic of conversation is real… that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change + transformation.


As the creator of the wildly successful + binge-worthy podcast Quintessential Being that has over 10K downloads spanning 50+ episodes, I connect hearts + ears to women making a difference in their corners of the world.

Podcasts perform like no other medium can… doing the heavy lifting for your business, they UNITE – you with your people.


Your voice is an intimate + unique tool that has the power to connect + inspire your audience, pivoting potential clients + followers into loyal paying clients!


As a Podcast Priestess, my work in the world was a natural progression from an extensive background in media, where as an announcer for commercial radio stations across Australia I entertained, informed + connected with listeners. 

I work with big-hearted, beautiful souls to connect more intimately with their audience by creating a podcast that honours their unique message to the world AND works for their business in a strategic, effective way - is this you?

Just some of the epic souls I've worked with...

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Nikki O'Brien.jpg

My podcast would still be an idea + wouldn't have topped the charts it did or reached over 4K global listeners in it's first season if I hadn't hired Nikki. Thank you so much for everything, I can't wait to do season 2 together!

- Krystal Wilson, Women's Empowerment Coach

Working with Nikki on launching my podcast was an absolute dream. Nikki knows her stuff, she is communicative, easy going, has a great sense of humour, takes feedback well + does a fantastic job when producing my podcast Brave In Business.

-Bec McFarland, Business Coach

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