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Podcasting Priestess
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I'm Nikki Voxx!!!

I believe the magic of conversation is real…

that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change + transformation.

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Hi, I'm Nikki + I call myself the podcast priestess. I'm a deeply curious + spiritual being housed in a delightfully human body, galvanised by a unique willingness to grow, gather + listen I help others to fully embrace the self with compassion, love + acceptance. 

I believe the magic of conversation is real… that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change + transformation. 

I work with big-hearted, epic souls to connect more intimately with their audience, using my extensive background in radio I can get your podcast live + listed, creating a powerful platform for you to speak your truth + share your message.


I’m also the creator of the binge-worthy + wildly successful podcast Quintessential Being, offering fresh perspectives that cultivate awareness + invite acceptance so you can step into wholeness with sovereignty.  




Work with me
Nikki O'Brien

Podcast in your pocket

Want to start a podcast but don’t have the time?! 

I got you!

This done-for-you package is everything you need to launch your podcast!

Nikki O'Brien

Zero to launch

5 weeks – 10 teachings that get you from zero to launched + LISTED!

Learn the how-to as I walk you through in a group mentoring, supportive space.


Podcast editing services

Are you ready to outsource? I get it - running a business takes time, energy + focus! The tedious task of editing + uploading a podcast is just NOT where you want your precious resources flowing to… I can help.

What people say...

"Working with Nikki is like a breath of fresh air! I only wish I hired her sooner. She's excellent at what she does. I know my work is in safe hands. Most importantly her energy is in complete alignment with my business" -Dr Sophie Brock

"Nikki is an absolute master of editing and really captures the essence.

I trust her every time because she has intuitive and creative genius like no other.

Want a podcast? Look no further than Nikki O'Brien!" -April Mack

Not sure where to start? 


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