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Your Podcast is the place you get to be authentically you!!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Podcasts perform like no other medium can... they unite you with your people in the simplest of ways – by having conversations.

Podcasters are seeking out information, education and entertainment, with nearly 3/4 podcast listeners tuning in to learn!

Add to that a whopping 54% of listeners are much more likely to buy from the brand they are listening to because they know, like & trust you - THAT'S an essential strategy for magnetising sales for your business while you barely lift a finger!

Don’t believe the stats?

I have personally seen this evidence in action.

A previous podcast guest of mine made a $5K sale from one single listener… 40 minutes of her time chatting to me about what lights her up + her work in the world = sale made.


Why are business podcasts so effective?

Because by their very nature, talking into someone’s ear is intimate, you are the voice in their head while they go about their daily tasks meaning you become a trusted best friend.

I can’t tell you the number of times someone has come up to me & said that they feel like they've been ‘hanging out’ with me all week, binging on my podcast episodes.

Your voice is an intimate & unique tool that has the power to connect & inspire your audience, pivoting listeners & followers into loyal, paying clients.

But, hold up! Before you hit record…

It is because of this intimate nature that you need to consider your ability to be consistent on this platform before diving in head first.

Throwing out a few podcast episodes only to leave your audience in the cold is more damaging to your brand than not starting at all.

Starting a podcast just because all the cool kids are, or your business coach told you to is not a solid why. Sink into your intention, assess if you have the time & are genuinely wanting to add value to your audience. THIS is what will bring you podcast success.

Podcasts that start just to get the sale will fail every time.

It’s the shows that love to share valuable information from the heart & are consistent in showing up that end up winning.

How do you plan your podcast?

Planning is crucial, so start with the format of your show:

  • Is it going to be just you talking? (This is a solocast.)

  • Or, are you going to be interviewing guests?

  • What is your podcast name?

  • How often do you want to upload – weekly, fortnightly, monthly?

It is important to note the frequency of your upload will affect your audience growth, more is definitely more here.

From here you can map out your first 10 episodes.

Include your dates, topics & when you will record them. Remember to only do one main topic per episode, and script out your notes so you are sharp & succinct in your delivery of content.

Most importantly – ask yourself what do you want to talk about & how is it adding value to your listeners?!

What tech do you need?

The programs + techy things you will need to start your podcast are:

  • Laptop or desktop computer

  • Microphone (a dynamic microphone is a MUST! As well as USB connection & a stand)

  • Editing software (Audacity is FREE & incredibly intuitive to use)

  • Media Host (Buzzsprout is my favourite, they make it incredibly easy to use, have an amazing support team that respond quickly plus have a slew of resources built into their interface – Anchor is a free platform for those not wishing to pay for hosting although the audience stats reflect that of a free platform)

  • Audiograms for promoting your podcast on the socials (Headliner is great for this & you can sign up for a free account which gives you 5 per month)

  • Podcast cover art using Canva

  • The Evernote app or notes section in your phone is great to take down all your ideas when you’re in creative flow, then carve out an appointed time in your diary to work through all your concepts and plan out episodes so you can record in batches if you want to.

Are you ready to play?

Setting up a podcast platform allows us to interact personally with our client base, show them our vulnerabilities, wisdom and the expertise we have to offer that helps to set our businesses apart.

It can give you a playground – a place to test out new avenues of income stream, pivot your offerings & flex those new ideas… your podcast gets to be the place where you can have fun and be authentically you!

This is crucial – because our businesses no longer exist in a one dimensional world. Our audience (aka our potential clients) can handle, and in fact expect, multifaceted layers to the humans behind our businesses.

Building these extra layers of trust & resonance with listeners is the authenticity that sells.

An off-the-cuff comment that garners an overwhelmingly positive reaction from your audience that leads down a whole new profitable path you perhaps weren’t expecting is the gold.

This is the fun of making your podcasts can bring you in business - happy podcast recording!

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